Facts back our statements

We're busy growing the CodeTap Academy

At CodeTap, we translate geek into English and turn people into coders!

Check us out atinfo.codetap.academy

We continuously inspire future developers to start

With over 25+ hires, we brought joy back into the life of our successful students and staff as well as to their families.

Most of them have been promoted because of their continuous, amazing and professional output and the clients are very happy. When our students grow, businesses they touch grow as well.

The secret sauce

We've managed to do that by cramming over 20 years of all around web development into step by step, easy to digest even by a child, how to build websites from scratch tutorials.

To accelerate the process we offer mentoring services and are proud to build people that inspire others with their amazing before and after story.

Our focus is on efficiency

We design and develop for the future as it's closer than we think. Our focus is on efficiency to deliver and improve the relation among the developer, client and users.

As a PERSON, you want to achieve financial freedom and ride the wave with a job or trade of the future. The future won't surprise you as you'll be part of the ones that create it.

As a COMPANY, you really want a web developer from us as we are not recruiters. We build them and in the process we get to know our students very well and develop strong relationships.

It's a win - win - win. Don't forget to check us out at info.codetap.academy, connect with us and stay tuned, we share something every day.

Our team

Marian Zburlea


Laurentiu Tanase

Full Stack Developer

Elena Tandara

Web Developer

Catalin Sandru

Junior Web Developer

Pavel Ciupitu

Junior Web Developer

Razvan Mocanu

Junior Web Developer

Antonio Radosav

Starter Web Developer

Gratiela Zburlea

Marketing Director

Andrei Nicu

Video Editor

Viorica Bar

Sales Adviser